Friday, March 6, 2015

#98: Derek and Kelly; Rafael and Lana

Derek had remained at the Blue Velvet Lounge until the end of Kelly's shift, mostly because he had thought Devin seemed like such a sketchy character.

"Oh, NOW I realize who that guy is," Kelly said, spitting out her toothpaste.

"I never actually met him in Sims FreePlay Town, but he was apparently quite the self-professed 'ladies' man'."

"Well, I don't like the cut of his jib," Derek stated flatly.

"Oh, I think he's probably harmless," Kelly laughed.  "He's just delusional--he thinks he's more attractive to women than he actually is."

"What do you think he wants with Alice?" Derek asked, following her into the bedroom.

"From what I've heard, he's entirely capable of convincing himself that Alice harbors some secret, unbridled passion for him!" she giggled.

"But enough about Devin Austin," Kelly declared.  "I've been wanting to ask you something."

"You can ask me anything you want--especially when you look like that!" he flirted.

"I want to take back everything I said a couple days ago--about not being ready for a baby," she admitted.  "I want one."



Rafael returned home from re-shooting his soap opera in Latin America early the next morning,

and was extremely delighted to find a naked woman swimming in his pool.

"Helloooooooo!" he greeted her.

"Oh!" Lana cried, surprised.  "I'm really sorry--Zoe didn't tell me you were coming home this morning!"

"I HAVE a swimsuit," she stammered, "but Zoe and I were having such a good time last night that I forgot to rinse it out.  And now it's all crusty and hard."

Lana was unsure how embarrassed she was supposed to be (as Rafael checked out her butt).

Her question was soon answered.

Rafael quickly stripped off his clothes and joined her.

"Please don't worry about it, Corazon," he told her.  "I always swim naked first thing in the morning, while Zoe is still sleeping."

"So, how do you know Zoe?" he asked.

"We met at the Solar Flare Lounge a couple or so nights ago," Lana explained.

"I'm in town just for a short while, to try to find a job," she said.

"What sort of employment are you seeking?" Rafael asked.

"There's a police department opening here at the end of the month," she said, "and hopefully I can get something there.  I'm a pretty good shot, so that might help me."


The two got coffee (Lana had already made it).

"So, a beautiful woman who shoots is a very attractive thing," he purred.

Lana--though still naked--wasn't falling for Rafael's charm.

"I don't think I'm going to get hired as a cop on the basis of attractiveness," she laughed.

"May I make you some breakfast?" he offered.

"Umm, sure," she answered, getting up.  "Or I could do it."

 Rafael followed her inside.

He opened the refrigerator.  "Where did these fish tacos come from?" he asked.  "Did Zoe order them in last night?"

 "No, I MADE them last night," Lana answered.

 Rafael heated the platter up in the microwave.

"This is DELICIOUS, Corazon!" he gushed.

 "So," he continued, "what do you plan to do for the month before the police department opens?"

"Oh, I'm going to have to go back home," Lana admitted.  "I can't afford to keep my little rental in Oasis Springs past the end of this week without any money coming in."

"Why don't you cook for Zoe and me?" Rafael suggested.  "I haven't told her this yet, but my producers are moving my telenovela to the U.S., so now we have to re-shoot the entire show in English."

"I usually cook for Zoe and myself," he went on, "but this new arrangement means that I will be away much more than before.  And Zoe cannot cook.  At all."

"I know she can't cook," Lana agreed.  "I could try to teach her, if she's willing to learn?" she offered.

"I would gladly pay you extra, if you would also teach Zoe to cook a bit," Rafael said readily.

"It's a deal," she said.

"Oh--one more thing," she added.  "You and me?--it's not gonna happen.  I'm not gonna do some rich guy who then dumps me immediately, and then I lose a kind person like Zoe as a friend."


  1. I wonder what these two pairs will get Into

    1. Well, Paige, all Derek and Kelly are trying to do is have a baby (as a married couple). And I suspect Lana is serious about not fooling around with Rafael, which means he will continue to regard her as a challenge (because he is not used to being rejected).

  2. Lana hasn't realized that Derek is just around the bend! Rafael thinks he is the stuff all women want, but I think he may have met someone who could care less. (at least I hope so)

  3. Angela, Lana is about to figure that out. And it will not be pretty. And, yes, Lana is a future police officer and doesn't take crap from anyone. Including Rafael!