Monday, February 23, 2015

#91: Rafael and Zoe, and Baby Plans.

Zoe had her dress off in 2 seconds.  (This maneuver also gave her a chance to show off the new lingerie that Rafael had unknowingly bought for her.)

"Your undergarments are lovely, Corazon, but they must go," Rafael told her.  "But please keep those very sexy high heels on.  And all your jewelry."


"I thought it was really great that you supported Alice today, Lou," Peter said, trying to be encouraging, as the two worked side-by-side once they'd come home from their respective jobs.

"Well, I wasn't so much 'supporting' her as telling her just to do the rational financial thing," Lou retorted, working on her programming for the next day.  "And that's something about which Alice has no freakin' clue."

Peter seriously wondered whether Lou would ever change.


"So, have you given any more thought to when we can start a family?" Derek asked Kelly, as they were in bed that night.

"I'm just not ready yet, honey," Kelly answered.  "I need to be further along in my career.  So that I'll be comfortable taking time off from work."

'And YOU need to be further along in YOUR career,' Kelly thought, although she didn't say it aloud.  But she worried about bringing children into the world when their house was still so unfinished (after building their master bedroom/bath suite, they didn't have enough money for a decent nursery).

"Let's just give ourselves a little more time, please," she asked.

"That's okay," Derek said (though he didn't really mean it).  "I just thought you might have changed your mind, now that Alice and Regina are BOTH pregnant."


Regina and Bill had gone to bed early that night, as usual.  She had been feeling achy,

so treated herself to a bubble bath.

"Wow--that's the oddest little outfit YOU'VE ever worn to bed!" Bill remarked when she exited the bathroom.

He had been reading Bait & Tackle while waiting for his wife to finish her bath.

"Well, I've started showing," she announced.

"That's wonderful!" he exclaimed, leaping to his feet.  "And your boobs look FANTASTIC!!!"

"Thanks for your vote of confidence, hon, but they feel heavy and swollen," she responded.  "And that's why I'm going to wear a bra while I sleep."

They got into bed.

"We need to set a room aside for a nursery," Bill suggested.  "Both for our baby, and for Alice's--who is due any day now."

"Well, the obvious solution," Regina suggested, "is for Dude to sleep in Alice's room, and then we make his old room the nursery for both babies."

"But Alice and Dude aren't sleeping together NOW," Bill said.

"I think that's just because she's in the last stage of pregnancy," Regina said, "and she probably just needs some space--physically and emotionally.  But I bet she'll feel differently after she delivers."

"Well, if she DOESN'T," Bill said, "those babies are going to be sleeping in bassinets in the hall next to my woodworking table!"

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