Saturday, February 14, 2015

#87: Deep Conversations, and the Bulging Speedo.

"You're not eating much," Alice observed to Regina.  "I thought you'd have a huge appetite after all those days you and Bill spent camping in the fresh air."

Regina dumped the rest of her yogurt down the drain.

"Well, I wasn't going to say anything, because it's still so early," Regina said sheepishly, "but I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant."

"Oh my God!" Alice cried, gleeful.  This news made her as happy as she'd been in days.

"That means our kids can grow up together!" Alice shrieked.  "And play together!"

'Well, all this maternal bonding sure is cute,' Bill said to himself, signing off the computer and heading for the door.

'But I can't take much more of this squealing.'

He went over to see Derek.

He found Derek in the small park between their houses.

"Looks like there's been a lot of progress!" Bill said, trying to sound supportive about the unfinished work on Derek and Kelly's house.

"Yeah," Derek said, "the crew's gotten a lot done.  But now work has ground to a halt--because some rich asshole bought that huge Cypress Terrace place, and he's sucked up every carpenter and electrician in the whole freakin' town."

Derek showed Bill through the renovations.

"At least they got the whole second story on, and the roof," Derek said.

"And the chimney stack is done," he added.

They went up the new staircase.

"It would be good to have some railings here, especially if you're planning on having kids," Bill teased.  "So there's something for them to get their stupid little heads stuck in."

They reached the new second floor.

"Great shower placement!" Bill kidded.

"Well, we had to get it out of the first-floor bathroom, so we could move the wall and fit in the stairs," Derek told him.  "It's just here temporarily."

"The upstairs fireplace is a nice touch," Bill said.  "What room is this going to be?"

"Either the master bedroom, or Kelly's bedroom," Derek answered.

Bill laughed.  "If this is Kelly's bedroom, where the heck are YOU sleeping???"

"Trust me," Derek said, "I'm going to be sleeping in a shack in the backyard if I don't get this house done!"


Rafael had managed--through "cash-on-the-barrel" and other persuasions--to get one of his ugly gardens removed, and his new pool constructed, within only a few days.

He had also managed to get his patio redone in that time,

and Zoe had achieved her desire to own a sequin swimsuit.

"Princesita, I have brought you a drink," Rafael said, gently waking her.

"Oh, Rafael!" Zoe said, slightly dazed, shaking off her sleep.

"You should not slumber in the sun, mi amor," he cautioned her.  "You will ruin your beautiful skin."

 Zoe wasn't sure whether this was genuine concern from Rafael, or just bossiness.