Thursday, February 19, 2015

#89: Rafael's Gift (to Alice).

Alice had agreed to see Rafael, if only for a few minutes.

"What do you want from me?" she asked.

"I want nothing FROM you, Corazon," he replied.  "Only to give you something."

He handed her an envelope.

"Rafael, a check for $40,000?" she exclaimed.  "What is this for???"

"I sold the house in Sims Freeplay Town that you were living in, and the new owners did not want any of the furnishings," he explained.  "So I had my accountant sell them separately, and these are the proceeds of that sale."

"I can't accept this from you, Rafael," Alice stated flatly.

"Alice, your TV and your stereo and all of your furniture--those were GIFTS that I gave to you," Rafael insisted.  "They BELONG to you.  I would have brought them all here, but you obviously have no place to put them."

"Please don't make a hasty decision," he begged.  "Talk to your friends--the people you trust the most.  Perhaps you could buy a house.  Or start a college fund for your baby.  Or start a business.  Just please take a couple of days to think about it, before you decide to rip up the check."


Even though the exterior of Derek and Kelly's new second story still wasn't finished,

the master bedroom/bath--or KELLY'S bedroom/bath, depending how things went between her and Derek--WAS finally finished.

And Kelly was delighted.

'This is HEAVEN!' Kelly said to herself. 

'This is exactly the bedroom I have wanted my entire life.'


Kelly took a short nap, then went to her restaurant job.

Bill dropped by to visit Derek shortly thereafter, and Derek took him upstairs to show him the new bedroom suite.

"OMG!" Bill laughed.  "This is the most vomit-inducing, girly bedroom I have ever seen in my life!"

"Well, unlike YOU, asshole," Derek retorted, "I sleep with my eyes closed!  So it doesn't freakin' matter.  And all I want is for Kelly to be happy, and this bedroom makes her happy."

"Yeah, but YOU'LL definitely never 'get it up' in here, shall we say, in all this freakin' pinkness," Bill razzed him.  "And I'VE at least managed to get MY own wife pregnant!"


Things had not been peaceful at the Caliente household in Oasis Springs.

Each of Nina and Dina had discovered that the other was "dating" Rafael--

if going over to his house and getting laid while Zoe was out at the day spa or shopping could conceivably count as "dating"....


Rafael got back to his house late morning, not sure what--if anything--he had accomplished with Alice.

'I guess I will just see if she cashes my check,' he said to himself.

He bathed,

changed into casual clothes (he didn't expect Zoe back for hours) and made himself a cocktail.

There was a knock at the door.

"Hello, lovely lady!" Rafael enthused, surprised and intrigued by his unknown visitor.

"My name is Katrina Caliente," the woman announced sternly, "and I am here to speak to you about my two daughters."

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