Friday, February 20, 2015

#90: Senora Caliente, Rafael's $, and Zoe Takes the Bull By the Horns

"Senora Caliente, I am delighted to meet you!" Rafael oozed.  "Please come in."

"May I offer you a cocktail?"

"It's one o'clock in the afternoon!" Katrina shouted.  "Who the hell drinks cocktails at one o'clock in the afternoon???"

"Or ... I could make you a cup of nice, calming herbal tea," Rafael suggested.


Rafael poured the rest of his drink down the drain,

while Katrina fumed silently in his living room.

Rafael made a pot of (hopefully calming) chamomile tea.

"Perhaps this will make you feel a bit better," he said after handing Katrina a cup.

"I warn you not to waste my time, Senor Santos," she said icily.  "My only concern is my twin daughters.  They are always at each other's throats on the BEST of days, and the situation has become worse since YOU moved into this neighborhood!"

"Nina and Dina are TWINS???" Rafael asked, thrilled.  "I had no idea!!!"


"Of COURSE you should keep the money!" Bill opined.

Peter and Lou had dropped by Regina and Bill's house, and Regina--seeing how upset and conflicted Alice was about the $40,000 check Rafael had given her that morning--thought it might be a good idea for the group to sit down and talk through the issue.

(Alice had historically been hesitant to make up her own mind--having made more than a few horrendous decisions in her life, so Regina's idea was not as bossy as it might otherwise seem.)

"Don't get us wrong," Regina interjected.  "We're doing okay financially here, and you and the baby are welcome to stay as long as you want.  But it DOES seem as though it's your money to keep."

 "Just keep the damned money," Lou said, exasperated.

"After all," she went on, "Rafael's actually the reason we ALL had to leave Sims Freeplay Town and move here."

Peter thought that Lou was conveniently forgetting that she had been unemployed in Sims Freeplay Town, and was arguably better off now.


After Katrina Caliente (the mother of the warring twins Rafael was "dating") left Rafael's house,

he figured he'd better shower again before Zoe came back from the day spa and shopping (so that she wouldn't smell Katrina's perfume on him).


Zoe arrived back at the house late afternoon, brimming with confidence at her own allure, and determined to make Rafael "step up to the plate," as it were.

"Mi amor!" he cried.  "You look spectacular!  And you have changed your hair color to black!"

He kissed her deeply, and Zoe figured the hair color choice had been another good investment (of Rafael's money).

"I think it makes me look more like Kim Kardashian," she said.

"She is truly a very beautiful woman!" Rafael enthused.

Zoe grabbed Rafael and pulled him to her.  "Rafael, I want to have sex.  NOW!"

"I have NO idea why you've kept me waiting so long!" she complained.

Rafael undressed in less than 10 seconds.

"All you had to do was ask, Corazon," he said.


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  2. That last picture looks as if she is about to laugh at his umm....nakedness.

  3. Yes, Angela, readers are divided whether Zoe's impressed or disappointed!