Sunday, February 1, 2015

#84: Rafael Views Peter's Paintings

The next morning, Peter was cleaning up after his breakfast,

when he heard Lou come downstairs.

He wondered why she was so nicely dressed, given that she usually wore casual clothes to her programmer job.

"Are you attending some event after work tonight, Lou?" he asked.

"No, just felt like wearing this," she answered.  "When are you expecting Rafael?"

Peter thought he knew what was going on, but couldn't resist teasing Lou a bit.

"Lou, if you'd be uncomfortable being in the same room with Rafael--you know, because of everything that went on between him and Alice--you could leave for work early, maybe stop for coffee somewhere in town.  Or maybe go over to Kelly's."

"BELIEVE me," she snorted, "that is NOT an issue for me!"


Rafael arrived soon thereafter.

"Hello, Mr. Santos," Peter greeted him.

 "Please, you must call me 'Rafael'," he said.

 "And I think you have met my roommate, Lou Last," Peter said.

"Yes," Lou interjected, "we met once."

"We have met TWICE, Miss Last," Rafael oozed.  "I would NEVER forget ANY meeting with such a beautiful woman."

 Lou was speechless.


Peter had set up several paintings of different styles, to try to get an idea of what Rafael wanted.

"My personal taste is for classical paintings, but I have bought a very modern house, and I wish to purchase artwork that fits in, shall we say," Rafael acknowledged.

Rafael examined several more of Peter's artworks.

"Perhaps you would be willing to come to my new house, to see its design?" Rafael suggested.  "And then advise me which paintings I should purchase?"

 Peter agreed.

On his way out, Rafael announced, "And I certainly hope that your lovely roommate will accompany you to my home."

"You of course don't have to go," Peter whispered to Lou as Rafael left.

"Are you kidding?" Lou responded.  "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"


Custom content credits--thanks to:

Twisted Fate Sims for Peter's shirt and vest

Judie from AllAboutStyle for Lou's dress

NataliS for Lou's shoes


  1. What's up Lou? What are you doing?

  2. I think there are several things going on. Lou is extremely materialistic and is dying to see Rafael's house, and all the expensive things in it. And she probably thinks he could be a useful contact for her (somehow) in her relentless climb to the top. She doesn't worry about offending Alice; in fact, to Lou, offending Alice might be a plus. And maybe--just maybe--since she guessed correctly that Rafael would flirt with her, she was trying to find out what Peter's reaction would be....