Friday, January 15, 2016

#158: Daedelus III's Birthday

The next day, the birthday guests gathered at Alice and Dude's house--minus Regina, who was suffering with a horrible bout of morning sickness.

Daedelus and Andromeda fussed over their grandson,

Alice, having finished baking a chocolate birthday cake, was making lunch,

Kelly was having a fun time tending bar,

Dude was playing piano, and Peter was working on a painting.

Ophelia arrived late, having spent a LOT of time getting ready.

"Well THAT'S an unusual look for you!" Peter exclaimed.

"Auntie 'suggested' to me--STRONGLY--that I should wear something a bit more conventional than my usual attire, because--and I'm not making this up--'There will be photographs, dear girl, and the birthday boy will eventually see them, and we don't want him to be shocked'."

"So, let me see if I've got this straight," Peter said, trying to keep from laughing.  "This kid--whose mom is a bartender and whose dad is a rock musician--is going to grow up and be surprised that his photographer cousin has creative taste in clothing???"

"I know it's silly," Ophelia admitted, "but just to make this a nice day for Auntie I was resolved to wearing some dreadful floor-length thing.  But Alice sent me to this boutique in Magnolia Promenade, and the girl who owns it has really cool taste.  She had this amazing vintage dress--it's silk taffeta!"

"You're a saint," Peter murmured as he kissed her cheek.  (Peter wondered whether Ophelia knew of the connection between her cousin and the boutique owner, but didn't say anything.)

Andromeda rushed over.

"Ophelia, you DEAR child!" she cried.  "SUCH a divine dress!"  'But too much jewelry, as usual,' she thought, but didn't say so.

'Small victories,' she thought, 'small victories.'


Daedelus grew up into a handsome little boy.


 "Now, don't you get too used to this 'dessert before dinner' practice, young man!" Andromeda sternly advised her grandson.

"So, where is the boy sleeping tonight?" Daedelus asked.  "Are you setting up a bed for him out here?"

"All three of us are staying at Bill and Regina's tonight," Dude answered.  "One, Daedelus is used to being there and, two, we want to visit Regina, who didn't feel well enough--she's pregnant--to come here today."

"Then," Dude went on, "Daedelus will continue to sleep there every night, until Alice and I can afford to put a second story on this house."

The elder Daedelus correctly suspected that his hard-working and proud son would not take money from his parents for the addition.

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  1. Awww...I quite like the looks of the little boy. Can't wait to see that second floor! ~ Lilly P