Wednesday, January 13, 2016

#157: What To Do About Andromeda

Peter had been painting non-stop, trying to raise enough cash to buy Lou out of her share of the house.

He was fairly stressed out, but at least he enjoyed Daedelus's indefatigably cheerful companionship.

 Andromeda, however, was upset about the endless fumes from the paint wafting up into "her" bedroom.

When Daedelus went upstairs to check on her, she unloaded on him.

"There is NO place in this dratted house where I can go to escape that hideous smell!!!"

"Please, dearest, keep your voice down, or our generous host might hear you," Daedelus pleaded.

"I have been thinking, my love," Daedelus tried to soothe his wife.  "Perhaps we should find a nice house to rent in this neighborhood?  It seems to me--given the situation back in Greece--that we will have to stay here in the U.S. for at least a month or two."

"And as nice as Peter's house is, you deserve your OWN home.  Where you can be 'queen of the castle' and have everything to your liking."


Ophelia and Regina were taking care of Daedelus III while Alice and Dude were at work, and were also planning the boy's birthday party, which would take place the following day.


Since the eldest Daedelus had taken his bothersome wife out to look at rental houses, Peter had a very productive afternoon, and finished 5 paintings.

"These look GREAT!" Ophelia exulted, when she returned home from Alice and Dude's house.

"Have I told you yet today how wonderful you are?" he asked her.

"Nawww," she answered.  "But in all fairness, you HAVE been kinda busy today!"

"Hello, hello!" Daedelus called out (to warn the young couple).  "We're back!"

"And we have found a quite acceptable furnished rental house--very close to here!" Andromeda reported excitedly.

"Of course," she hastened to add, "not ALL of the furniture is up to my standards, but that is to be expected.  Although NATURALLY I did not mention any of that to my husband."

"Sounds like it went pretty well," Peter observed to Daedelus, as the two men were making dinner.

"Yes, the rental house will be very comfortable," Daedelus said.  "It's on Bridge Street, which is a pleasant walk from here."

"Of course, my dear wife doesn't care for the furniture, but that is not exactly a surprise," he laughed.


  1. I've enjoyed your sims4 story. It's the only thing that's made sims4 look at all interesting to me (I'm a sims 2 diehard) :)

  2. I'm enjoying the way the characters are interacting. I love how Daedelus knows how to say just the right thing to Andromeda to produce a more softened tone from her. I'm actually developing some affection for them. ~ Lilly P