Monday, January 11, 2016

#156: Girl Talk, Part 1

Alice was practicing her bartending skills that afternoon,

when Ophelia dropped by.

"Oh, good--booze!" she exclaimed, with mock enthusiasm.  "Because I could sure use a cocktail!"

"Yeah, sorry I wasn't home when you came by yesterday," Alice laughed.  "When you REALLY needed a drink!"

"Dude told me you had an afternoon shift," Ophelia said.  "So I bent HIS ear, instead -- poor guy."

"I heard it was pretty bad," Alice said ruefully.

"No, I probably exaggerated when I was complaining to Dude," Ophelia admitted.  "It's just that Aunt Andromeda had been pestering me all morning, and then I FINALLY had a few minutes to myself, and then Lou descended on the house in a swirling black cloud of fury."

"Yes, Lou can be fairly unpleasant when she wants to be," Alice sighed.

"I guess if anyone would know that, it would be you," Ophelia said.

"Sometimes I think Lou preferred me when I was 'drunk and disorderly' all the time," Alice said.  "That way, she could feel WAY superior to me, as opposed to just REALLY superior to me."

"Hey, hey!" Regina chirped as she walked in.

"What can I get you, hun?" Alice asked.

"I can heartily recommend this Simsmapolitan that Alice just made me," Ophelia enthused.  "It's fantastic!"

Alice, getting some food out of the fridge for Regina, just smiled to herself.

"I'm not drinking these days -- Bill and I are expecting another baby," Regina explained.

"Oh, how wonderful!" Ophelia cried.  "I would never have guessed!"

"Well, your AUNT knew it the instant she saw me yesterday," Regina laughed.  "OMG--does that woman ever have antennae!"

"When Dude and I were little kids, we used to fantasize that Andromeda had been a spy in World War II.  I'm still not sure we were wrong!"


  1. Ah, I do enjoy your updates :)
    ~ Lilly P

  2. Thanks, Lilly. I just love girl talk!

  3. What great updates! Glad to see the girls talking and sharing! :)

  4. Thanks, Vanessa. And the girls occasionally hint of things to come....

  5. Oh? You left a seed and I *think* I'm seeing it! Staying tuned....! ~Lilly P