Wednesday, May 27, 2015

#136: The Willow Creek Swim Club, Part 1

Now that Alice and Dude had bought the Glass Box house, all of the houses in Willow Creek had been sold, so the Town Council had finally built the community pool and playground that had always been in the neighborhood master plan.

In addition to a very nice pool, there were chess tables,

a horseshoe pit,

a couple of charcoal grills,

picnic tables,

 monkey bars,

a Spaceship jungle gym,

and lots of chairs and lounges.

The open-air clubhouse had a full bar and full kitchen,

a vending machine,

a generous bathroom,

with lockers,

and 2 showers and 2 toilets.

 "Just put on sunscreen, okay?" Kelly told Declan.  "Because I don't want you to get burned."


"You've done a really good job with Declan," Alice told Kelly.  "I admire you for that--it can't have been easy for you, because of the whole Derek-Lana thing."

(Kelly had recently discovered that her new husband had had an illegitimate son years before, whom said son's angry estranged mother had recently unceremoniously dumped on Kelly and Derek's doorstep.)

"I feel bad for Declan," Kelly admitted, "and I think he can be saved."  (Kelly was an evangelical, and thought pretty much everyone could be saved.  She had previously, for example, managed to save Alice from a life of binge-drinking, partying, and casual sex.)


"This swim club is a REALLY great addition to the neighborhood!" Regina enthused.

"Yes, if ONLY there were hot poolboys!" Lou kidded.

"Umm, Peter's got a really good body," Regina said, cautiously.  (Lou could be depended upon to explode into a rant instantly for almost any reason.)  "I never noticed before today."


 "I guess," Lou dismissed Regina's comment.  "Never thought about it."

"Although I suppose he'd be good breeding stock."


  1. I knew Lou was contemplating babies. Peter would be a good choice, but he is in love with her and that could be a problem.

    Another great update!

    1. Angela, sometimes your characters just get away from you! You're right that Lou is extremely competitive, and is affected by the 3 other girls' all having babies. Peter is crazy for her, and she is being a total asshole to him.

  2. Nice club, did you build it? It has everything a Sim need. ~ LP

  3. Yes, Lilly, I built it from scratch. I just didn't upload it to the Gallery because there's SO much CC.