Sunday, May 10, 2015

#129: Kelly's Baby, Part 1

After Declan left for school the next morning, Kelly went to the Community Garden to pick some apples and strawberries,

so that she could bake Fruit Tarts--a recipe she had just learned from her Baking, Vol. 1 book.

But Kelly spent most of her day baking doughnuts to sell to the local bakery, in order to get some extra money to fix up the house.

When Declan came back from school, Kelly let him have one Fruit Tart and a glass of milk before asking him to do his homework.

For some reason, Declan chose to do this on the kitchen floor.


Kelly woke up suddenly just after midnight, realizing she'd gone into labor.

She knew Regina and Bill had long since gone to bed (and that Alice and Dude were both still at work), but she saw the lights on at Lou and Peter's house,

so she dialed Peter's cellphone.  "Hi, can you please come over and stay here so that Declan isn't alone?" she asked.  "Because I have to go to the hospital--I'm having the baby!"

She threw on a long dress and a sweater, and headed out to the hospital.


Kelly had barely gotten inside the hospital doors before she collapsed into a chair in pain.  'I really can't do this by myself,' she thought.

Lou had been pulling a late-night shift when she heard that Kelly had come in.  She rushed into the delivery room. 

"How's she doing, Doctor?" she asked Lyric.

"Your friend is just fine, Lou," Lyric assured her.

Lou was slightly surprised to see that Kelly had taken the time to apply fresh lipstick (but not all THAT surprised).

 The birth went fairly smoothly.



"Oh, well done, Kelly!" Lou exclaimed.

Kelly had spent only one-and-a-half hours in labor.  "You're a natural for childbirth, Mrs. Johnson," the doctor complimented Kelly.  "You and your husband should have TEN children!"

This remark didn't have quite the cheering effect on Kelly that the good doctor had intended,

but Kelly got over it quickly.

Kelly was surprised by Lou's reaction to the new baby--since Lou had paid virtually NO attention so far to Regina's and Alice's babies.

Lou handed the baby to Kelly.  "Oh, my little sweetheart!" Kelly gushed.  "My sweet baby girl!!!"

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