Monday, May 4, 2015

#127: Kelly's Good Works

Kelly was engrossed in reading "Baking: Vol. 1" when Declan came home from school.

The boy noticed the toybox immediately.  "What's this?"

"Our friend Peter brought that over for you," Kelly told him.

Declan opened the box.

Kelly thought it was probably best just to leave the boy alone, so went into the kitchen to bake one of the recipes she'd just been studying.

"Declan," she called a while later, "here's a snack if you're hungry."  She plated her first attempt at Breadsticks.

"So, how was school?" she asked him.

"It was okay.  Kinda boring, though."

"Is there anything you like about school, Declan?"



Kelly helped Declan with his homework,

 let him play in the bathtub ('This is the girliest room I've ever seen,' Declan thought),

made him dinner,

and watched TV with him for a short while,

before putting him to bed.

She then went to bed herself.

"I tried to do good works today," she said aloud.  "Please watch over Declan, Lord."


  1. Thanks, Angela. I have a fair number of readers who dislike evangelical Christian Kelly.