Friday, May 22, 2015

#135: Lou, Lana, and Devin Career Update

Lou  had been promoted to Assistant Nurse,

could now perform new tests on sick Sims,

and could now perform minor surgeries.


Lana had been promoted to Senior Detective,

and Zoe had even convinced her to get a (slightly) more fashionable haircut.

She had the VERY enjoyable task of taking a Civilian Report from Cristobal Abasolo (whom she knew slightly, as he was Rafael's chauffeur, and had driven her a couple of times).

"The man, he seem very strange to me," Cristobal urged (in his hot Latin accent).  "I do not like seeing him near the playground.  I do not know if he is a danger to the children, but he is odd, and bears watching, I think."

Lana promised to check out the playground loiterer, but also was happy just to spend a few minutes with a really gorgeous man.

'Good God!' she thought.  'Is this guy ever a hunk!'

"And if you will permit me to say, Miss Detective, this new haircut is very flattering to you," Cristobal offered.


Devin had been promoted to Serum Sequencer,

and had upgraded his SimRay so that it could change people's outfits.

(Not all his co-workers enjoyed this as much as Devin did.)


So, Devin left work and went to the park, where he thought he might find people with better senses of humor.

He came upon a woman napping in the park lounge.

She sat up sleepily when she heard him approach.

"What the--???" the woman said, alarmed to find herself suddenly in pajamas and bunny slippers.

"But you were SLEEPING," Devin explained, "so I put you into SLEEPWEAR.  I was just trying to make you comfortable!"


Devin hurriedly left the building.

"Look what I can do, little girl!"

The child quickly walked away.

"Oh, YOU'LL surely appreciate this!" he exclaimed to a small boy.

"My father's not going to like this," the kid muttered.


Lana had been on patrol nearby, and answered the call from the dispatcher to check out strange goings-on at the park.  'Oh, hell,' she thought, approaching Devin just as he was about to zap another unsuspecting civilian.  "Mr. Austin!" she called, and he quickly put his SimRay away.

"Oh, hellooooooo, Detective!" he greeted her, simultaneously delighted and somewhat fearful (which was how Devin most enjoyed feeling).  "I LOOOOOVE your haircut--and usually I don't like short hair.  But this one is all 'bed-heady' and stuff!"

"Mr. Austin," she said sternly, narrowing her eyes, "we've received NUMEROUS complaints about your activities in this park--harassing women, embarrassing men, and frightening children.  And Alexander Goth's father is considering pressing charges!"

"Awww," he whined, disappointed.  "Some people just don't appreciate my help--I was just trying to make the public look better!"

"You may NOT change people's clothing without their prior consent!" she scolded.

"If I hear any more reports of you doing that, I will put you in jail MYSELF and throw away the key, and you will NOT enjoy the experience!"

Devin wasn't sure that Lana was correct about that--he was kind of intrigued at the thought of being "roughed up" by her.  (Or even by other prisoners.)


  1. I tried to find one word to describe Devin and I was stumped. One word does not do him justice.

  2. His creator, Hayley-Belle Crane, will be delighted to hear that! Devin was a character in her Sims FreePlay game and, since that is a "social" game, he was able to invade ... err, umm ... "visit" my town and mess with Alice, et al. And HBC would take pictures of him and Alice, and post them on Facebook, and ... well ... you know. To my mind, this greatly contributed to Alice's bad reputation.

    You're right, Angela--there is no ONE word for Devin. He's certainly "clueless" about how to behave in society, but there are so many other things wrong with him.