Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#147: Lou's Plan B

Lana was hard at work on her latest crime scene when her cellphone rang.

"Hello, Cristobal," she said, not sure what he was going to say.

She was very relieved to hear him assure her that he had had a lovely time at dinner the previous evening, and that he looked forward to seeing her again.

 Lana immediately dialed Zoe.  "I guess I didn't screw up the date as badly as I thought," she told her friend.

"Oh--I'm so glad!" Zoe said, relieved.

"But as we discussed last night, sweetie, you just have to slow yourself down, and rein in your impulses.

"I took a risk being too aggressive with Rafael--it was making me crazy that he didn't seem to want to have sex with me.  But it turned out okay--because Rafael is a very sexual guy.  But Cristobal is NOT, so you'll have to be really patient."

Zoe knew Cristobal quite well, since he was Rafael's chauffeur, and drove her every day.


Lou was very much enjoying her new promotion to Doctor - General Practitioner.

(Although she still preferred quiet analysis and research to any task requiring actual patient contact.)

But even out on a housecall later in the day, Lou could not stop thinking about what Edwin had said to her the night before.


"Oh, you're home," Lou said, back from work and observing Peter making himself dinner.

"How was the arts festival?" she asked, just making conversation.

"It was good," he said.  He was dreading giving Lou his answer to her bizarre suggestion that he donate sperm so Lou could have a surrogate bear a child for her.

"Look," she said, sitting down next to him, "let's just forget what I said to you a few days ago."

Peter was surprised, but relieved.

But he was not prepared for what Lou said next.

"I know you like me," she told him.  "And I'm flattered--you're a great guy.  I just don't want a relationship at this point.  With anyone.  So, I think I should move out."


  1. *Gasp!* Maybe it's for the best. ~ LP

    1. Yes, Lilly--I've heard from many readers that "Peter needs to move on."

  2. Finally Peter can move on with his life. Lou never intended to be like the others from the Utopia house.