Sunday, July 5, 2015

#145: Two "Dates"

Since her housemate and best friend, Peter, had gone out of town to an art festival for a few days, Lou had no reason to rush home from work, so had stayed late at the hospital every night.

Her hard work was rewarded when she was finally promoted to Doctor - General Practitioner.

She went to tell her new colleague Edwin Clinton her good news.

"Okay," he said with a laugh, "now you finally HAVE to let me take you out for a drink!"


"This place?--REALLY???" Edwin asked Lou as they arrived at the Blue Velvet.

"Because I would have been willing to spring for some place NICE, in honor of your becoming a doctor and all."

"This is the first place I came to in Willow Creek," she explained, as they sat at the bar and ordered drinks,

and Lou told him the story of Alice's sudden flight from Sims FreePlay Town, how Lou and her girlfriends had to track Alice down, how they'd first met the four guys, about their time in the Utopia House, and how there were now three (more or less) happily-married couples from the original group.

"That's one crazy-ass story, Lou," Edwin observed, draining his glass.

"So you and Peter--nothing romantic there?" he inquired.

Lou felt comfortable with Edwin--mostly because he was gay, and that meant that Lou didn't feel any dating pressure--so she went on to tell him about the suggestion she had made to Peter (which suggestion she had by now realized had SERIOUSLY offended Peter).

"Well, THAT doesn't seem so bad," Edwin opined.  "It's kind of flattering, really, when you think about it.  I know a LOT of guys who'd take that offer."

"Really?!?," Lou said, not convinced.  "Because now that I'VE thought it through, it might have been kind of insulting for me to ask my best friend to give a sperm sample, then have a surrogate bear the child, which would then be MY child."

"Believe me--there are a LOT of guys who'd happily help out," Edwin assured her.  "Guys who don't want to get married, and who don't want kids of their own, but who feel they have something to offer genetically--looks, intelligence, talent.  That sort of thing."

 Lou was thinking.


Lana was fussing over--and second-guessing--her outfit for her date with Cristobal.

She and her devoted and fashionable friend, Zoe, had disagreed endlessly on what Lana should wear.  Lana had expressly wanted a minidress, whereas Zoe had argued that a knee-length dress would be more attractive.

They had compromised on a mid-thigh length.

But Zoe had prevailed on the over-accessorizing Lana had wanted to do, limiting her friend to one bracelet and one ring.

'It needs some bows or something,' Lana thought.


Cristobal had picked Lana up at her new house in Rafael's limousine (which Cristobal, as Rafael's chauffeur, was free to use whenever Rafael did not need it).

"You look very lovely tonight, Detective," Cristobal said after they had been seated at their table.

This was the first REAL date that Lana had ever been on--something other than meeting in a bar and hooking up.

"And I am fascinated by your career," Cristobal went on, in his lilting Latin accent.  "Please tell me what you do all day."

Lana DID have fun telling Cristobal about the assortment of criminals and weirdos she encountered on a daily basis,

mostly because Cristobal seemed so very interested in her stories.

After she'd gone on for some time, Lana asked Cristobal, "Why do you want to hear about my police job?  Most of the time, it's stacks and stacks of dull paperwork."

"But it does not sound dull at ALL," Cristobal protested.  "I am but a poor chauffeur.  I drive rich--but very nice--people around all day.  Your life seems quite exciting to me!"


Cristobal walked Lana to her front door.

"Would you like to come in for coffee?" Lana invited him.

"Oh, I do not think I should," Cristobal demurred politely.  "We hardly know each other."

"It's only coffee!" Lana reasoned.


The two sat down with their coffee in Lana's small living room.  Cristobal looked slightly uncomfortable.

They talked for a bit more, then Cristobal abruptly stood up and announced that he had to leave.

 "Wait--let me walk you to the door," Lana said.

Lana sprang to her feet, and--

"I am sorry!" Cristobal exclaimed.  "I must go NOW!"


  1. Ah - Cristobal, ever the gentleman! Never have two Sims seemed so far apart. I'm jealous of Lana. ~ LP

    1. Yes, Lilly--he's SOOOO hot! Hopefully Lana will learn from his reaction, and modify her behavior a bit. Or she's going to blow it.

  2. Lou is hatching another baby plan. Lana had a hot date with a man that didn't try to hook up on the first date and that shook her.

    1. Lou is ALWAYS hatching some sort of plan, Angela! And poor Lana is not used to dating a gentleman....