Friday, February 12, 2016

#167: Ophelia and Peter; D3 and his Grandparents

"So, what do YOU think I should do?" Ophelia asked Peter, as the couple sat at the bar at the Solar Flare Lounge.

"I think you should stay in the U.S.," Peter said firmly.

"I agree with your Uncle Daedelus -- you can more easily make a go of a photography studio here in Willow Creek than in Athens."

"But other than the minimal amount I get paid by Zoe Patel to wear her boutique's clothes out for the evening -- like now --," Ophelia protested, "I have no source of income.  And you're being really generous about my mooching off of you, but I know you're strapped for cash, too, trying to raise enough to buy Lou out of the house."

"To begin with, don't worry about Lou --" Peter said.  "I'm very close to paying her off.  Also, my house expenses are what they are -- you don't add much to them.  And, you could always take advantage of your uncle's offer to invest some start-up money in your business."

"But if his own son and Alice won't take his money in order to put an addition onto their house to build a freakin' bedroom for his grandson, then how can I accept his money?" asked Ophelia, visibly distressed.

"Alice and Dude don't NEED to put on a second story just now," Peter argued.  "Sure, it's not an ideal situation, but they have Regina and Bill on one side of them, and you and me on the other, and we all have spare bedrooms if D3 needs to crash somewhere.  AND they also have Daedelus and Andromeda and their house within walking distance."

"And you," he continued, "would be getting an INVESTMENT from Daedelus, NOT a loan and NOT a gift.  And I have to think that you'd work hard enough, and would be successful enough, to give him a more than decent return on his investment."


D3 had that day gotten off the school bus at the stop nearest his grandparents' rental house,

and spent a happy hour or so fishing with his grandfather,

before enjoying dinner made by his grandmother,

then homework, with which D3 was helped greatly by the eldest (and very well-educated) Daedelus,

then a game of chess on the balcony,

and then bed.


"That is a lovely frock, dearest," Daedelus said admiringly to his wife.  "It is new, correct?"

"And is there something else new under it?" he asked.

Andromeda turned around and dropped her robe.

"After all these years, you are still the most beautiful woman I have ever seen," he declared, dropping his own robe.


Andromeda's lovely sleepwear is by Judie at


  1. Yes -- I gave Andromeda a boob lift. I just couldn't take it anymore! ("It" being S4's default elder female silhouette.)

  2. i didn't even notice. Nice to see Peter given wise advice again, hope she takes it better than Lou did.

    1. Thanks, peachy -- there are very few people who are more stubborn than Lou, so perhaps there's hope!

  3. I am totally with you on the default elder female silhouette! I'm quite certain that Andromeda and Daedelus BOTH appreciate the boob lift you gave her! LOL

    1. Andromeda's just got the best facial expressions -- I thought she deserved an upgrade!