Wednesday, March 2, 2016

#171: Devin Tracks Down Alice

Since both her husband and her son were away camping, Alice had elected to cover a shift for her friend Robin at the Blue Velvet on Friday night.

And, since Valentine's Day was two days away, and most of the regular customers were saving their money for the holiday, Alice figured she'd at least have an easy night, even if she didn't make that much in tips.

"ALICE!!!"  An unfortunately familiar voice from her past shrieked into her ear.

"I've been looking for you FOREVER -- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???  I have SOOOOO many questions!!!"

"Devin!" she whirled around to face him.  "You scared the CRAP out of me!"  (This was most people's normal reaction to Devin.)

"Now go sit down, and behave yourself, and MAYBE I'll talk to you!"


While Alice worked, Devin occupied himself by chatting up every female bar patron who wandered into his field of vision.

"Okay, Devin," Alice called, "I'm on break."

He followed her into the next room.

Alice was hardly thrilled about spending her break with Devin, but she knew if she didn't satisfy his curiosity he'd continue to stalk her.

"So, Devin, what is it you want to know?" she asked him.

"WHY did you leave SimsFreeplay Town all of a sudden?" he asked.  "One day you were throwing those FABULOUS parties, and the next day you were gone!"

Alice decided to get straight to the point.

"I was dating Rafael Santos, that Latino TV star.  He owned the house I was living in.  His wife found out about us and threatened to divorce him and take half his stuff.  So, he dumped me and kicked me out of the house."

Alice wondered how Devin was going to deal with this huge information dump.  He often seemed so childlike.

Devin was silent for a moment, then brightened.  "So, does this mean you're available???" he asked eagerly.

Alice was exasperated.  "Devin, I'm married," she said firmly, drawing his attention to her wedding rings (though she also briefly considered punching him).  "AND I have a kid."

"Well, being married doesn't always mean you can't be with someone else -- look at Rafael!" he reasoned.

"Well, MY marriage means that I can't be with someone else," she said flatly.

"But, Alice!" he whined.  "If you wanted to get married, you should have TOLD me -- I would have married you!"

Alice didn't quite know how to respond to this, since the two had never so much as kissed (though not for lack of trying on Devin's part).  Their entire "relationship" consisted of Devin showing up -- usually uninvited -- to many of Alice's raucous, booze-fueled parties.

She decided to take a reassuring approach.  "Look, Devin, it's just that I finally found the right person.  And I'm sure it will happen for you, too."

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