Saturday, June 20, 2015

#142: Swimsuit Shopping

"She said WHAT to you???" Bill asked Peter, incredulous.  (The morning after Peter's dinner with Lou, he had gone to find Bill, who was looking for frogs in their neighborhood park.)

"Yup," Peter said, still dazed.  "She suggested I jerk off into a cup, she gives up some eggs, and some stranger bears our child.

"Or, I guess, some stranger bears LOU'S child," he went on.  "Because it doesn't seem as though I'd have much say in the upbringing of the kid."

"PLEASE tell me you didn't agree to this!" Bill cried.

"I told her I wasn't prepared to give her an answer right then and there," Peter said.


Peter was taken aback by his friend's anger.  "No--I was just REELING from her suggestion, and was trying to buy myself some time.  And I didn't want to make a scene in a restaurant."


Regina and Kelly were having tea,

when Lou arrived.

"Wow, YOU'RE dressed up," Regina observed.

"Well, although I really like my medical job, I'm sick and tired of wearing scrubs all the time," she explained.  "So on my rare days off, I feel motivated to make an effort at fashion."

She sat down.  "I thought we might go over to Zoe's Boutique--she's featuring swimsuits this week, because of the opening of the Willow Creek Swim Club."

Regina laughed.  "I've got ONE swimsuit, and I can just wash it out every day!  But I'm up for a girls' outing, anyway."

"Ooooh--I'd LOVE to do a girls' outing!" Kelly agreed.

"And let's go somewhere to eat afterward!" she suggested.


Zoe had convinced Rafael that, with the opening of the new Willow Creek Swim Club, their new store should feature swimsuits.

And Rafael--who was VERY good at promotion--made sure through advertising that every resident of Willow Creek knew about the new collection.

The gold-spangled men's suit turned out to be a big seller--

though SOME customers looked better in it than did others,

an amusing "Sponge Bob Square Pants" suit,

a patriotic suit in honor of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday,

surfer jams,

and an athletic suit (which was bought by some fairly unathletic customers).

Elderly customer Devante McCauley was one of them.

He had shown up at the store as soon as it had opened, 

and had tried on every suit in the men's department.

Once he had settled on the "athletic" suit, he paraded around the store for hours--wearing the suit--chatting up women,

and dancing with the female mannequins.

The women's collection sold well--the Versace suit,

the teeny bikini,

the "Chrysler Building" suit,

the bikini-with-blouse,

and even the ultra-sexy cut-out suit.


"I do love this Versace design," Lou murmured.

"But you already own this same swimsuit in turquoise," Regina reasoned.

"And the peach color doesn't really flatter your skintone," she added, once Lou had tried the suit on.

"How about this one, Lou?" Kelly suggested.

"This is nice," Lou agreed.  "But it would also be good for you--it's a very modest cut."

"Oh, it's WAY too chic for me," Kelly protested.  "I'm looking for some 'girl next door' kind of thing."

"That looks GREAT on you," Lou told Regina, as she modeled the teeny bikini.

"I don't know," Regina said doubtfully.  "It's awfully skimpy."

"I bet BILL would like it!" Lou teased.

"How about this one, Regina," Kelly asked.  "It's sort of green--your favorite color--and it's more covered up."

"Yeah, maybe," Regina said.  "I'm just not getting the whole 'blouse thing'."

Regina tried on the last suit that was on display.

"Oh, MY!" Kelly giggled, embarrassed.

"It DOES have some green in it, at least," Lou observed wryly.

"Oh, sure," Regina grimaced.  "And right after I buy this suit, I could start my PORN career!"

"Okay, this is not working," Lou announced.  "I'm going to talk to Zoe."

"But what will that accomplish?" Kelly asked, confused.

"It's like being in a good restaurant, Kelly," Lou explained.  "You can always order 'off the menu'."

"May I help you ladies?" Zoe said as she came over.

Lou explained to Zoe what she and her friends wanted,

while Rafael--predictably--gushed over famous author Regina.

Zoe had many other swimsuits in the back of the store, and had 3 of her mannequins re-outfitted in less than a half hour.

"'She's actually good at this,' Lou thought.


With their new purchases in hand, the girls went to the Rattlesnake Bar.  (Regina had protested that she wasn't dressed nicely enough for the Solar Flare Lounge.)

"This place isn't so bad!" Kelly remarked.

"Gee, thanks, lady!" bartender Arron Becerra laughed.  "What can I get you?"

Lou related the conversation she had had the previous evening with Peter at the Solar Flare Lounge.

Regina could not believe her ears.

"You said WHAT to him???" Kelly cried.

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  1. Lou is the only one that thinks her idea is a good one.

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